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Da Brat : Intro lyrics

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Da Brat lyrics : "Intro"

[Millie Jackson]
BuckWIIIILD outrageous do what you feel like doin
til a mother$#&@er know when you don't feel like screwin

I did it, you do it, break the ties that bound
Keep a mother$#&@er off you, keep your feet on the ground
HEYYY! !#@* YOU if you can't go for that

And a double $#&@ you from Da Brat-a-tat-tat
Let it +ALL+ hang loose, never feelin afflicted!
Go for what you want and it's called.. Unrestricted

May the Lord be my witness

From the "Funk" to the "Tantrum" now "Unrestricted"
The K-Town (*##$ too weak
In Chi-villain they be killin every mark in the district

Can y'all skill match it?
Right I kill Patrick from the six-oh-six-fo'-fo'
Got hit cause ya clip so slow

Mother$#&@ers can't do %#@! with "So So"
Shine like a twenty inch Mo-Mo
for the Navi' on top of them dub's

Hit me in the mug, and deliver the bud
Now you talkin bout my gul
Terror for the millenium, straight $#&@in up anyone

(hah, anyone.. ss%#@!) Steady bust like a semi gun
Murderin over any drum

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