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Da Brat lyrics : "Fab 5 Freddy"

[Jermaine Dupri - echoing]

This is a, So So Def, world premier
A world, premier
So So Def, world premier

[Da Brat: repeat 2X]
Brat back, once again it's on

Still smokin in this (*##$, call me Cheech & Chong

[Jermaine over second repeat]

They want that Fab 5 Freddy shawty
Let it go~!

[Chorus 2X: Da Brat]
I got that good %#@!, y'all (*##$es sellin dirt
I got 'em comin at me all up out the woodwork

They want that Beat Street, that straight Rock Steady
That real rap %#@!, Fab 5 Freddy yo

[Da Brat]
2011, 199fo'
I've been here since 17 years ago

Longevity, rock like a rolling stone
The pink graf diamond clarity, a rarity
I'm home, please don't go comparin me or sharin

my name in some petty-ass bull%#@! I ain't never been
on, since the first hit, most got addicted
to the method of me, methamphetamine


[Da Brat]
Poppin strawberry in the hookah
You could, not even do what I used ta

I'm the past, present, AND future; even if you was mustard
you couldn't ketchup, get you a booster - chair
Grown folk here, dare not challenge my greatness

Attempt to - lose! Realness vs. fakeness
Go on ahead, free yourself, Fantasia
Let it go, Teddy Pendergrass, Brat major


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