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Da Brat lyrics : "Da Shit Ya Can't Fuc Wit"

I promise the funk the whole funk and nothin' but the funk...Yoooooohoo

Chorus: I be Da B-R-A-T the new lady wit dat %#@! ya can't $#&@ wit (say 2x)

Verse 1:

Uh, fool sittin' all fat brat tat tat tat ((*##$ and it's like that)
Well let me lift you to the sky
Just climb aboard the B-R-A-T ride

Those with no love I stay about like GOD
Quick to pull ya trigga ^!$$% quick to pull ya card
And it don't stop and it don't quit

In ninety-fo I be the sho shot %#@!
And in years to come %#@! ain't gonna change
Sosodef, you know the name of the game

And those that say they don't, ^!$$% (*##$ please
'cause, we be known for makin' dem Geeees
Settin them swole, steady going gold

Whateva we release, whateva we unfold
So now you know in ninety-fo who's the %#@!
And who's got the %#@! dat you just can't $#&@ wit


Verse 2:

Well yo, I ain't no joke never have never will be

Down your whole block you can feel me
All I do is keep $#&@ing it up
The doper my %#@! the bigger my come up

Now tell me have you ever heard a female vocalist
Swift like this that kick %#@! like this?
I don't think so, I don't think you know

No hoe that can flow like I flow
And plus if you like it rough and rugged then you love it
Play it say it day to day you never ever get enough of it (WOOOOOOO)

Ain't I ridiculous it's dat bad mamma jamma
Like hammer you can't touch this
(Don't $#&@ wit) My %#@! (nor) my click

(Don't even trip) 'cause you bound to get split....Biiitch
Ain't no thang ain't no thang
For me to put it down and make you mother$#&@as swang

Bridge: Di di di dah di di di dah di day
All you suckas anxious won't you please come out and play (say 2x)


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