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Da Brat lyrics : "Come And Get Some"

Featuring Mac Daddy (Kris Kross)

Verse 1 Da Brat (Mac Daddy)

Get down... ain't no room to mess around
When Da Brat tat tat tat's all up in your town
I'm in the front with a blunt never playing the back

It's that new ^!$$% on the block and I don't slack
Ta dow now (I know you love how I put it down)
Now (I know you love how my %#@! sounds)

So close your eyes as I mesmerize your mind
1 time 2 times 3 times I'm
Not that (*##$ to be $#&@ed with or seen

Cause puttin it down ain't no thing (*##$ you know the routine
Either recite what I write or hold that $$#
Cause ain't no seeing this G be hitting your $$# with a blast

Now (There I go there I go there I go)
(With my funkdafied funkdafied westside flow)
If you ain't down you best to get down quick

Cause ain't another (*##$ (like) this (*##$ (right) %#@!


When your in the mood to flow let me know
Cause to me it ain't no thing I'm always ready to go
So I know that you know that I know you gets none

But if you want some come and get some

(Verse 2)

To be or not to be $#&@ed with is Da Brat with some gangsta %#@!
I'm cappin any ^!$$% that step or disrespecting my click
It be the crooked letta O double that once more

Def and I have yet to speak on this bad $$# ho
How many (*##$es do you that kick %#@! like this (*##$
No nothers so others witness the rack-ed wicked

As I bust %#@! ^!$$%s can't $#&@ with
This bad mamma jamma lick shots like twin glocks and plus it's
On, till I let them fools disperse

Ghetto bust proper first verse after verse
It gets worse as I puff on the chronic smoke
Me and my pad locc up I smoke up and ^!$$%s get broke

Off, tossed like a cloth
I gives a $#&@ about what ^!$$%s say how they walk how they talk
Cause to meet 'em y'all needs to quit

Cause in '94 I be the wrong (*##$ to $#&@ with


(Verse 3 - Mac Daddy)

Now as the sound breaks down let me slide up in
The M-A-C's who I be Kris Kross is who I represent
For so very long

But this time I'm with Da Brat and once again it's on
With the K to the K (by the way) dum di di dum
Mr. Mac pack now can I drop the bomb

Saggin all dressed in black
I'm the ^!$$% with them braids shades khakis and pimp packs
Leanin to the side peepin out the scene

^!$$%s on my dick cause I got green and I'm a fiend
To the microphone which I'm known to rock
Bangin till the boogie end boogie time I'm hip hop

I know you still feel
The devastation of my lyrics so please kneel
To the king that I may very be

The macadocious A-town player the M-A-C


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