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Da Brat lyrics : "Chuch"

I come through stompin in my big black boots. I keep em jumpin jumpin stayin funky funky for you. whether prada, gucci, versacci, my coochie drain in la pera. Got watches like liberacci. From my head to my stockings, I promise to rock this and keep it poppin. Ain't no stoppin me, naw, 'cause im on fire like a cigarette. Get higher when the beat quick ^!$$% we hit. %#@!tin on ^!$$%s to heeze on em just to eat quick. Recently, I've been eliminating haters hippocrits. When they see on the street with the screaming whip. It's hard to not hate, so don't even trip, 'cause I'm chuch.

Chorus:Cee-lo and Da Brat

If you see me when i come around (That's Chuch!)
Breakin all these hoes down (That's chuch!)

Got Cadillacs and Bentlys ahh (That's chuch!)
Got Money to the ceiling ya'll (That's chuch!)
Everywhere I go they scream (That's chuch!)

Everybody say it now. (That's chuch!)

Verse 2: Da Brat

I'm Chuch, I'm smokin, I'm sharp, I'm hot. I'm sexy, I'm bangin, I'm sickening, I rock! I'm the hottest a hard act to follow. Never bite off more than i can chew up and swallow. If you got a problem, holla at me tomorrow 'cause I'm too busy bein the leader you follow. ^!$$% I'm cold blooded in a mustard color farrari. Somebody showl love me. I hope a ^!$$% won't come out ugly %#@! I ain't buyin em. That's chuch! Whatever work for you. I'm so tough that I just lay all my coo. I'm so much that I only give a little to you and show you how these ^!$$%s up in Chi-town do.


Verse 3:

Like catties and furs. (Chuch!)
House in the suburbs. (chuch!)

Big $$# rings and chains. (chuch!)
Big trucks sittin on thangs. (chuch!)
Daimonds and jewels. (chuch!)

Shining down on you fools is (chuch!)
Rhyming the way I do that's (chuch!)
Blindin em when I come through (chuch!)

Bling Bling that's right! Everything Da Brat-tat-tat do, you could identify that as chuch, not church! That don't mean to da flo! That's chuch! When you got the mutha$#&@ing hat to match, ^!$$%, that's chuch!

Chorus 2x

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