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Da Brat lyrics : "Ball Game"

[Da Brat talking]
Shut cho' $$# up girl, ha ha
Ya know, I bought me some diamonds

Show em' what cha' bought me
Ya know, I'll show myself off, ya dig ha ha ha
They hate me, ya know they gon' hate me, ha ha oh Lord

[Hook x2]
Take me out to the ballgame

Spend no small change
Now show me off to the people in the crowd man
I like big thangs

[Verse 1]
This chick here gets thicker each year

And I have no fear, what I spit in yo ear
Mommie dearest keepin' it clean and clear
My home base, stick it to ya face and to ya rear

We veer to the left, why
Cause that's how So So Def ride
We run the streets from A-T-L to Chi

We leaves no traces, we just glide
Lay back and switch side to side
We choke on hay all day in the middle of the barn

It seems you want me to be the lady under ya arm
Well I'll consider it, maybe
Show me ya tongue baby

And i'm sure that I could make it all gravy
All bases gotta be loaded
So I can slide on in, in a Bentley, Benz, or my Rover

Take me out and be my Casanova
Like Levert, and I might convert just to hold ya

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks
I don't care if I never get back
I'ma root, root, root for my home team

Cause we always win and it's a shame
That it's one, two, three strikes for you
At the old ballgame

Come on, bet against So So Def, forget it
Your chances of winning
Is lookin' itty bitty so stop grinnin'

You just diggin' a deeper ditch
You hidin' in the dugout from the feature chick
I'll put cha' lights out, pitch fast or slow

Collabo, So So, whatever I spit on
Is goin' goin gone
I'm Sammy Sosa on the vocals

And white socks and afros are my accessories, worth a fortune
Please believe if ya checkin' for me
I got wants and needs that consist of big thangs baby

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Let me tell ya bout So So
You should thank me, I'm no joke

Like the Yankees
I'm so funky, that it's stankie
My wrist so chunky

That people stare at it and be like naw, it can't be
But it is and it shall be forever more
J.D. made me wealthy, now I chase the dough

You can't help me if ya paper low
If you broke it's unhealthy, we can't grow
I'ma be on my own these days

If you don't like it you can go away
Relocate, it's OK, hit the pavement
I'm Chicago Cub'n it and Atlanta Brave'n it

This is my covenant, you can not invade it
And I cannot be faded
So try to just eradicate it from ya brain

Go get a job at the hot dog stand
I need big thangs boo, you don't like that
I don't give a $#&@, $#&@ you

[Hook x6]

[Da Brat talking]
Game right, hit cha' a home run
Strike out a few times, it's all good
You gon' learn something like that

Ya know what I'm sayin'
Hit all three of them bases
And swing it on home baby
So So Def styel, Brat-tat-tat
Hardball, J to the D

Ya dig

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