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Da Brat lyrics : "Anuthatantrum"

Anotha tantrum dealin rugged don't give a $#&@ i'm denied nothin'
Gotta still get it spoiled rotten real wit it deal wit it
Don't you feel me livin' in you

When motha$#&@as make promises and can't come through (say 2x)

Whateva obstacles they dig to me from gettin' my way

I gets revenge to the end then begin the fourplay
My forte is sippin' alize and acting up
Looked into your mirror at ya face you started backing up, what the $#&@

You slowly stepped away and started panic
As you witness anotha tantrum fantasmatic to keep a ^!$$%s frantic your manic
Yall wanna be told %#@! if I can get it

You might feel my spirit off on anotha mission
Fishin for my next victim with no permission
Switchin bodies had to get some new goddies put on da benz

Jump in da mind in many mens with no patience
The worst thing to do is wait and waste time it's constantly slippin away
Take it manipulatin' all ages bring da frustration

Waitin for da left of my cavin to face e-all-lu-cation
Appearing crazy untract but seem daily
Some say shady but so what motha$#&@a

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