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D12 lyrics : "Loyalty"

(feat. Obie Trice)
Whoa! Yeah! Ahh! (Mutha'$#&@a's think they know us)

G-g-g-g Guess whos back? D-Twizze!, O-Twizzie!
Doc-Twizzie!, Shady-Twizzie!, slash Aftermath!
Fiftycent!, G Unit!, Here we go!, Free Yayo!

Mutha'$#&@a!, Benzino!, They don't know we finna' blow!
Someone betta' tell them so. . .

[Swifty McVay]
You don't me, McVay and I doubt if you understand me
Why would I give a $#&@ about you if we ain't family?

I roll with a chosen few, and those of you that's behind me
Witness the most potest' furocious *****s that rhyme
These (*##$es turn they back on you, actin' like they ain't did

When you rappin' never mix bussiness up with your friendship
If you lackin' up in this jungle, then what you breathe fo'?

*****s's don't love you, you got habits of breaking street
Far as static, I automaticly get medieval

When i'm after people, then i'll explode you (*##$es with C-4
These hoe's, have no insurance, bodies get repo'
Making you vanish even when we ain't got our heat close

Keepin' .44's where you're hoes are swallowing deep throat
If you owe me dough then you know you falling asleep, close
*****'s pupils that's what I do, i'm foolish will shoot you

Cuz' i'm coo-coo, But I don't think *****s can take in heat

[Chorus x2]

[Kon Artis]

See i'm a man, and a man gon' do what he gotta do
And he ain't really family if he ain't loyal to you
If they was really soldiers then they would do what we do

And be loyal to crew and crew was loyal to you


I don't give a $#&@, i'm quick to blaze chronic
Smoke on so much green, use twelves and supa-sonic
Bizarre pack guns and knives, put to dick to 'Nuns and Wifes

Now who the $#&@ want to fight?
Ain't nobody $#&@ing with me, Ain't nobody $#&@ing with the

They get beat like a M-P
You heard about Bizarre taking all them drugs
You heard about Proof wil'ing in the clubs

You heard about that nine that Eminem packs
You diss us, you get you're $#&@ing face cracked
I'm from 7 Mile and stout, I'll shoot up you're house

Next day, i'll pee in you're mouth. .

[Obie Trice]

Aiyyo, loyalty's first, all the bull%#@! second
I showed you on the record, Cheers to who respect it
Most of these *****s neglect it

Even though it's a known method
>From the hectic hood that you slept in
You wanna' be an exeption

That's when the weapon is leaving you're half stepping
With that 'caine in you're left hand
Obie from a section that'll stain up you're flesh and

Have you on bare breast
Questionin' you're affection for streets
D-Twizzie no question

One of the best groups that done it
And Obie is their reflection
Lil' homey that know sowly that loyalty is reckin'

D-Twizzie fo' life, Obie Trice is second. .

[Chorus x2]

Which one of you *****s wanna' be ?boltion? bump heads

When I got a passion for clappin'. . .with one hand
Talent's on my roster this mobster's in dump land
Send a gangsta to sleep two by two like bunk beds
Never leave the crib without packing my black burner
On some T. Ali rapper to merk a have murda

Incorporated, Hitman Herry is at you're service
Reach for me one more gain' and thats closed
For life as D12, no ice and spreewells
Every night that I chill in, I fight by free-will
Knowing I can be killed

Leaving my group, pieces of proof with a reason to shoot
And a liecense to ill
We lost Bugz and i'll be damed if we loose another man from our
Without forcing our hand

Estorting you're family, i'll torture you're granny
For my *****'s, i'm on you're mother$#&@ing porch with a

[Chorus x2]

[Kuniva + Kon Artis]
Yo its funny how *****s get caught along (and get bombed on)
Knocking teeth in back of you're throat (and break you're jaw
(I'm on ignorant %#@!) these *****s is (*##$

Pass me a cigarrete quick (%#@! is finna' get thick)
Yo' man i'll get split (by a brutal and critical hit)
With identical dent (or bullets with identical prints)
I'm wishing you if (you come you're Lutenints a snitch)
You teminant fick (and we know you ain't finna' do %#@!)
I'll stick with my clique (The Kon Artis Bomb Artist)
Kuniva The Rida' (Shooting through you're $#&@ing Long John

Dirty Dozen (We deep in the street)
Unbelivable heat, we'll even lay you out infront of the chief of

[Chorus x2]

[Kon Artis-outro]
Yeah! D-Twizzie
D12, Dirty Dozen
Nothing but family up in this mutha$#&@a'
Loyal to everything that we do
You ain't neva' gonna' catch none of us slippin by ourself

'Cuz we always together
You know what i'm sayin . .
Y'all *****s don't know what family means
Bugz watching over our $$#
Thats why we still alive know
Knocking yall *****s outta the clubs and %#@!
Haha! Runyan Av. Baby!

Shady Records!
Where yo' mamma at *****?

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