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D12 : It's All Bad lyrics

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D12 lyrics : "It's All Bad"

It's all bad, you're all bad, we're all baaaaad
It's all bad, you're all baaaaad

It's all bad, we're all baaaaad


Aimlessly mad, shamelessly bad, blatantly blast
Heiness and mad just your average snake in the grass
Ache in the $$#, jack a ????? and do his task

Jeffery Pheiffer got my ???? to kill these old bags
[But why the temper mister?] (*##$ don't make me whip yo $$#
Don't ask me nuthin, or I'm a make these knuckles brass

Bust yo $$# and leave you layin in the streets screamin
Slowly diein while yo (*##$ is tryin to stop the bleedin [Help]
I shot the sherrif [yeah] he should of left me speedin

But now he's not breathin, and I'm still speedin
Lost control, hit a pole, and I'm still speedin
Passed the yield, crash the steel with my grill beatin

[Aren't you married Bugz?] So what (*##$, I'm still cheatin
Cause when she ain't given #[email protected], I'm out thrill seekin
Like yesterday I bought a bag from a real deacon

Left when he started preachin just to freak this puerto rican
I'm a deliquent with my picture hangin at the precint
For stickin up the same deacon each and every weekend

Why the patrick speakin? Bugz you be tweakin
Why you throw up Herman Keefer when yo dick bleedin

Wanted in Nashville for two girls that I killed
10 vicodin pills and watch Bizarre Kid get ill

Killing (*##$ $$# ^!$$%s in the worst way
Why you tellin' ^!$$%s we beefin' (*##$ your funeral was last Thursday
You dont wanna $#&@ around with the wrong fools

Your little nieces and nefues will never see a day in pre-school
Your family reunion? ^!$$% I'm to blame
Cause I'm blasting ^!$$%s in carparks with your same last name

Tearing ^!$$%s out their frame, that's why we still trippin'
The crews like the Underdog we gotta search for the ^!$$%s that be sniffin'
The first ^!$$% to start will catch two in the heart

Leave y'all ^!$$%s open like the 24 hour K-Mart
What ever you ^!$$%s want its how I make my mail
We like Telemarketers, we always got something to sell

I hate cops, that's why I blew up donut shops
Who wanna $#&@ with Bizarre and Bugz in this world of hiphop

About this cop that was dead
When I was young I was dropped on the head

And barely fed and when I was it was out of a keg
I grew up ugly smackin teachers upside of the head
And caught a flash when T. Stuckey got shot in the leg

I took the gun and beat the officer until he bled
Ate his donuts, drank his coffee up and then I fled
In the police car, and made the hooker give me head

Bust a nut and drove the vehicle up off the ledge
Full steam of head, journeys of the living dead
Now I'm a sinner, that's evident isn't it

The time for a ^!$$% to $#&@ on for imprisonment
I'll kill the judge with the gavel that he sentenced
A crook ????? who got his own anthem

Raised rowdy, iller than a temper tantrum
A plain stupid, ignorant sub-human
Asshole, who ???? at his own union

One-two'in the kind of %#@! to leave you ruined
$#&@ what you in, and get ya damn face blew in



Hey Bugz, remember that (*##$ we raped on the beach?
Don't worry, Johnny something will have us out in a week
But just incase, ^!$$%, that we get arrested

Don't tell 'em %#@! about the 5-year-old boy that I molested
I confessed it, I was giving the ^!$$%s CPR cause he said he's chest was congested
Cause I think I got aids and I need to be tested

"Man, you can't be telling me that your $$# is infected"


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