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D12 lyrics : "I'll Be Damned"

[Proof - Intro]
Yeeaah! This is DJ Seven Deuce, live at
Club Runyan, where all girls with burgundy hair get in free.

G-Unit in da house! What up baby.
Performin' live tonight live on stage. . .Captain

and the fabulous Case y'all. Stick 'em out y'all.
All my Detroit playas, let's go!

[Kon Artis - Chorus]
I ain't set the stroke and I ain't for games,
I just came to $#&@ and maybe get some brain.

I got a woman at the crib so I ain't your man.
I'll be damned, I'll be damned, I'll be damned.
You know all I really wanna do is $#&@. I ain't

gon' let a money hungry women set me up.
And if you think I'm that stupid you done pressed your luck.
I'll be damned, I'll be damned, I'll be damned.

[Kon Artis]
You gave right. Yes I love monage-é-tois

and I got drawers as big as guys's big "wah".
I'm a trick daddy ^!$$%, so (*##$ how you figure
that I wouldn't turn my ^!$$%s on to you when I hit ya.

I probably could forget ya if I hadn't been drunk,
but choke a dunkadunk, keep my mind on hump.
When my mind's on hump to me my .9's in the trunk,

and Denaun got a line for every fine (*##$ I hunt.
Not once, twice, but three times the lover
that your man is, and I'm a freak undercover.

I got plans for you, trick, I don't need a baby mother.
I got five of them mother$#&@ers tryin' to smother me

We can't go steady, but you can give me head.
Give me that, get the hell out my bed, and leave the %#@!.
My chap lips will cut nipples when breast fed,

and on the way, leave the bread with Achman.
I'd love for you to stay but I got another date,
with a fat chick that eat cake on playskates.

She rubbed my funky $$# feet and feed me grace
plus my man in the closet ran out of videotape.



I'ma make this one thing clear,
ain't no woman hear gon' ruin my career.
All the hell you doin' is pursuin' a dream,

that's when you find out that life ain't truly what it seems.
All these hoes be lyin', bull%#@!tin' each other.
And why the hell Kobe Bryant didn't wear a rubber.

He might as well have went and told the hoe that he love her.
I'm sure as hell ain't gonna go to court for my mother,
or my wife, and my sisters. So mother$#&@ a mistress.

They signin' a contract before these (*##$es hit this.
Never will a woman take me out that way.
I keep a RCA camera in there mother$#&@in' face.


What's your name again? It doesn't matter.
My name is Bizzy, a bodygaurd for Mr. Mathers.

Sit down girl. Let me get you a drink.
I'ma buy you a mink, and rape you in the sink.
From day one, I knew you was a hoe.

I put a rubber on my toe and $#&@ed you some mo'.
Turn around, let me see your nasty $$#.
Put on a Jason mask while I take off your maxi pads.

These hoes be on some bull%#@!. Always tryin' to pull %#@!

outta they $$#. Get mad and put you on blast.
Tell 'em (*##$es how she $#&@ed you,
sucked you, put it on you, boned you.

Yappin' off with they mouth sayin' she loved you.
All on your dick, callin' your phone, spazzin' and %#@!.
Havin' a fit until you feel like callin' it quits.
Then she starts callin' your chick,
wantin' to fight. Everytime you show up at a gig,

she front row with her friends. Flippin' you off.
Follow you to the bar, the bathroom,
the parkin' lot, to the car, pissin' you off.
Until you blackout, now you and the hoe is havin a scrapout.
You get locked up for $$#ault and now you asked out.


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