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D12 : How People Get Fucked Up lyrics

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D12 lyrics : "How People Get Fucked Up"

This is how it happens to you
That's how people get $#&@ed up
This is how it happens to you

That's how people get $#&@ed up


If you a loud mouth
Trying to wild out
And we see just how you laying

And we peep your style out
(You a punk)
When you chilling out in front of your truck

And get stuck

That's how ^!$$%s get $#&@ed up

No love at home with your infolks

And the world just keeps $#&@ing with your mental
And all these kids making fun of your trench coat

That's how students get shot up

[Kon Artis]

Hating on us but you come to our show ($#&@ them ^!$$%s)
I crowd surf and you let me go
Oh no

Whip your $$# when I get off the floor
Just so you know though

That's how haters get $#&@ed up


When the police pull you over and %#@! and find ganja
Now every month they checking on your piss
They getting mad cuz you ain't come back since

And now they sweating you

That's how P.O.'s get $#&@ed up

When your mans hook you up with a (*##$

Over the phone
And when you see her
She ugly as %#@! (God damn)

Now at the end of the date she want a kiss
And some dick

That's how blind dates get $#&@ed up


Say we got a real crew with a lot of skill
And only one ^!$$% in our crew make the dollar bills
Y'all fools just mad cuz y'all ain't got a deal

Local rappers talk too much

[Kon Artis]
You don't like this pain
But you roll with punks

Manage to trip the alarm
And you all get stumped
Cops got AK's

Y'all only got pumps
That %#@!'s just dumb

That's how Cruzzie?? got locked up


When your $$# wanna walk in the club
But 'stead of telling you to wait
The ^!$$% wanna push and shove (move)

They get trampled from the ^!$$%s you brought
So move over

That's how bouncers get $#&@ed up

[Chorus x2]


When you get your guns outta the stash
And gather all your homies up
To go and shoot up a pad
Soon as you finished y'all run out of gas
You better haul $$#

That's how drive-bys get $#&@ed up

Mixing weed with the brew

Extacy and Kalu, gasoline fumes
Nitrous balloons
Acid tablets and magic mushrooms

That's how D12 get $#&@ed up

[Kon Artis]
I like your records
But my album aint dropped
Dr. Dre's my favorite
(*##$ get off his jock

Got a backstage pass and I need to get off
Wanna meet da-da-da Doc?

That's how groupies get tossed up

Drop outta school

Take drugs and molest [email protected]#%s
Got your girlfriend sucking on my left nut
Your parents don't like me, but guess what (what)

Cuz Bizarre don't give a $#&@


Chokin' your wife all in front of your peeps
She toss a brick through the window of your Jeep
They back together by the end of the week
That's so sweet

Slim and Kim argue too much

Invite a ho to your house
While your (*##$ is out
Now you got the dick
All up in her $#&@in mouth
Pull it out
And then you bust off on her favorite blouse

That's how Clinton got caught? up

[Kon Artis]
Steal cars, wreck bars, got $#&@ed up beyond
Recognition, walk in 50? clubs like we stars
Our mission every day is just to smoke bongs and $#&@ (*##$es

That's how Runyan Ave. is cut

When your life wasn't raised up right
See your mother coming home
With different ^!$$%s every night
And then you run in to the one you don't like
So get the $#&@ off [shooting]

That's how step-dads get $#&@ed up

This is how it happens to you
That's how people get $#&@ed up
This is how it happens to you
That's how people get $#&@ed up

This is how it happens to you
That's how people get $#&@ed up
This is how it happens to you
That's how people get $#&@ed up

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