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D12 lyrics : "Bitch"

THE !#$*ES

[Intro: Eminem]
(*##$es always be all... gigglin and %#@!. (come on !#$*)
But they get mad when there favorite song dont come on in the

club.(GET EM)
Catch an attitude and %#@!(COME ON !#$*, COME ON !#$*)
We got one for them.(!#$*,!#$*) goes like this

[Verse 1: Eminem]
We wrote a song for the hoes

You like to hear? here it goes
A little somethin you probably won't hear on the radio
So when it comes on in the club it's one that everyone knows

And if I'm talking to fast it just means you're listening to
And if you listen a little faster maybe you'll catch up,

Jew Ja Jaw Jaw Da Dun Jew Ja
You just made me mess up, (*##$

Bleeb Blab Blah Blah Blah Blah
It don't matter, I'm just blabbering
Like you understand what I'm saying Anyway

I'm just traveling In one ear and I'm out the other
You're so $#&@in drunk all you hear is the Beat da beat
I could be sayin anything

Get ya $$# on the floor
Wear the same pants that you wore from the day before
Baby and shake that $$# like a !@^%

Yeah i'm talkin to you !#$* (get up and dance (*##$)

Wiggle that $$# !#$* (yeah thats it. yeah i called you a
What you going to do about it !#$*?

Sit there and cry like a little !#$*? !#$*.

Get up and dance !#$* (wiggle that $$# (*##$)

You little trash !#$* (yeah thats it. yeah i called you a trash
Not trailer trash SWITCH

Take the person you with and exchange partners

[Verse 2: Kuniva]

Tell me that it aint no hangin, and $#&@ callin home
Untill you look at me before you answer the phone
When i flee, your $$# can get as naked and be as free

As you wanna be freak
But i'm takin the key with me.
You aint gonna get %#@!, so dont even ask

Disrespect my wishes, i'll beat your $$#
Watch me comin home floor eatin half of your doggy bag
And i leave laughin, while you callin me on the rag

I'm the type that might cut off the lights when i hit
And before she cut them on, Kuniva already SWITCHED
Your $$# aint even ridin with Swift unless your goin

When i'm done, i throw you out and ask you where you goin

[Verse 3: Bizarre]

Hoe aint the only thing you call a girl
!@%*, Tramp, (oh, how you doin sir?)
Ever since i was 8, i been startin to hate

I said $#&@ the Ho's, started eatin cheese cake
Scrambled eggs and steak, strawberrys and grapes
Damn that sounds great, hold on wait (Bizzy)

Ok, back to the (*##$es, wash the dishes after that
Give me stitches. a $#&@in half indian chick, suck my dick
This time tommorow, i wont remember %#@!

Got respect for a player, got on snoop gators
And they aint now and laters (*##$.


[Verse 4: Kuniva, Kon Artis, Deanna Johnson]

Hey baby whats up with you
Aiiyo your man here with you?
Nah, you single, i can tell(you came with them hoes didnt
No you need friends girl, excuse him mr lick it

(aiiyo lets get this party crackin these (*##$es aint got
Now you know he didnt mean that (come on you seen that)
(she all whinin and %#@!, get this (*##$ a kleenex)
(what did he say?)

Nothin, he said you seem stressed
(naw, you got a big butt)
And you wearin your nice dress(cuz i was gonna say)
(you wasn't gonna say %#@!)
(excuse me?)

He said Michael Jackson jus got another face lift
(dumb hoe)
(oh, ^!$$%!)
No, gumbo, he wanna cook it for you tonight
((*##$, what up though jus $#&@ for a buck, do somethin strange

for change, maybe holla for a dolla, jus hop in the range)
($#&@ both yall ^!$$%s)
See i was tryin to be polite, stank $$# trick (oh someone jackin
off tonight)

[Verse 5: Proof]

Why you a (*##$ but dont choke
I say the same to my momma
I got Christina, Brittany with me, %#@!
We bangin Madonna
Watch her strip you on that 10 (*##$ aint got change for a
Blow your tounge and give kiss on your mouth you came with a

Quick out is the motto and jus swallow breathe, swallow breathe,
now swallow these D's
I know you moca lotti mommys wont get down on your knees
You wont some money honey damn you must be outta your weave
Hit the telly $#&@ her belly you aint gotta go weak
Plus you wanna be a mattie you need a lot of more sleep

I'm a pimp (*##$ dont be shy, show me them big tits
Your lipstick, i want it smeared all on my limp dick
For instance, busting nuts is only my interest
So princess, don't get your feelings hurt cuz men jus
Partyin bull%#@! till she gargle and swallow my dick
I'm takin the train to spain, don't bother callin (*##$


Yeah, you heard me (*##$.
Did i stu-stu-studder stupid?
You aint listein to the words of this song anyways
All you do is listen to the beats with your dumbass (!#$*)

Dancin, tryin to get a ^!$$% money in the club
With your stupid manuper self
I was talkin bout you Do-do
You, you dumb (*##$
The one that want a drink but dont want to pay for it
Spend all the money you make all week on that dress

And i spill a drink on it, actin like i'm drunk when i'm not
IM JUS TRYIN TO !#@* !#$*!

(D-Twizzy, Yeah. (*##$, (*##$, (*##$)

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