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D12 lyrics : "Another Public Service Announcement"

[Bass Brother]
This is another

Public service announcement
Brought to you in part...


[Rondell Beene]

This thing on?
Good good hell yea

Look, im speaking on behalf of d12
And if you get affended by words like


Fudge packer

!@^& eater
All that %#@! like that
Then you should turn this %#@! off right now

Cuz thats just some of the %#@!
No thats the only %#@! you gonna hear on this album
Its not that they dont have creativity

Or some %#@! like that, that aint the case
We just like sayin %#@! like that, just to $#&@ with you
Hey! I told you to hold him down, now hes running

$#&@ it [bang]
God damnit if you would have just stayed still
Nothing would have happened to you

Just goes to show you, if you $#&@ with us
%#@! can happen... (*##$

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