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D12 lyrics : "Activity As Phuctivity"

Check it out
This is my %#@! fo real
Its gunna be off tha hook

Peep this out
The Kon Artist ^!$$%

[Kon Artist]
The Kon Artist born liar
Lie to your pops and moms

Tell em Im a good kid
Catholic raised
Knowin i went to public school

And sweared and got blazed
Even weed when i got a whole two
And that (*##$ I did do it

Steal cars Ive been through it
Done that
Played buddy buddy and rob ya like ^!$$% run that

Bum cat, and bone hood rats till they bleed on my floor mat
Nasty ^!$$%, make ya beleive that im a classy ^!$$%
But im far from that average joe that you know

Use people for sheilds at shoot outs
That i started, cold hearted
Runnin reckless peep out your shorty till my neck twistin

Infectionist, poisonus bug we all ruff
Showed your daddy love or slugs
Could have tortured him, told me that he didnt wanna die

We still forced him
$#&@in peeps has his bat, when we brawled they fled
Now we layin dead with his chicked head like Dirty Fihed

Come battle us with your heat and stabbed, nabbed and gagged
Jabbed and dragged and thrown inside of a bag
Your fans been had, bamboozle, run em up

But you loosing credibility the miniute _ and up

So $#&@ that stank (*##$ with the saggy $$# !@%$

$#&@ all the ^!$$%s that dont represent our city
$#&@ JLB they dont play none of my %#@!
$#&@ all them ^!$$%s that be suckin our dicks

Sicker the tuburculosis

Pack a cannon with a focus
Thats killin all the players and the coaches
Embarrass you in front of company like dirty roaches

Approach this and get served the situation, hopeless
Wrote this, jot it down cuz Kuniva wrote this
The wild animal rhyme colprut

Ferocious, closest
^!$$% walkin behind you with a dosage
Of teffifyin tales that be stompin small soldiers

The grim reaper dipped in all black like folgers
Packing four heaters and carrying five holsters
Suppose if i was to let you put up all your posters

Let everybody think you was the dopest
I'd rather strike you quicker then the cobra
Box you up and sold ya

Take you underwater and hold you until its over
I told you once you dumb _ with a blunt
That be pullin off the dope fiends selllin tha _

Get your $$# kicked quicker then punts
Im sick of you punks
@@#! it back now Im upset

Yo' ^!$$%s next
Im blowing smoke outta ya chest when it connect
Creepin like insects and ridin with ten techs

Ahh $#&@ any D.J that dont play Bizarre's %#@!
$#&@ your sister I dont like her she dont suck dick

$#&@ that ^!$$% that talk %#@! to my crew
$#&@ all yall ^!$$%s who say I dont like you

Im a brand named guy
Who loves to stay high

Got a ten inch dick and the gun the same size
A (*##$ named (*##$
Whos thick with grey eyes
Who loves to suck dick and get hit by eight guys
Its Bugz (*##$, you the $#&@ you thunk it was?

Gettin drunk with drunken thug
Too $#&@en numb to feel the buzz
Yall ^!$$%s know the image
No gimmicks, No timids, no manners, and no limits
This time, (*##$, Im goin all out

Whippin the four out
Like get the dough out
Im miss crime, sick individual
Ask my peers in middle school
If you walk my way home gettin robbed is like a ritual

Lyrical giant, tyrant who lies _
Just to get you to do what I want
And (*##$ you will
Sit you still, tie you up
Begin to ill

And destroy you face, Im with some %#@! that u can feel

$#&@ all yall ^!$$%s who say dirty dozen's dead
$#&@in your new wife in your brand new bed
$#&@ your chicken head she suck dick anyway
$#&@ anybody who say crime dont pay

Heard enough garbage to make a glad bust
Add just my magnum beef I had enuff
Snuff the sweetest mc in this camp tribe rivulry
To be as live as me keep em quiet like a library
My rhymes are virgin tight

And not $#&@-with-able
You find the mic suckable
Without chicked pox, untouchable
Peep my _ aint to be tested
Ill test the globe and rip through your domestic
Majestic warrior to rap to win
Knock the _, and slap the chin of the aggresor

Thinkin that they fresher
Wanted conquest holdin down the one sided contest
That explosive rappin ^!$$%
The fans wear a bomb vest
Style be a eliquit
A fellow pimp to mant with clips
$#&@ _ kicks and being skinny with zits

Im the shhhhh, _
Like cane in a crack pot
I thinks its best you act right
Ill confirm your death, left the morgue _
D-12 is blowin up like the fourth _
I whisper far well to my granny
Till I push her down the stairwell

And im sendin her care mail
Like get well you old hag
Ill bring the pain like a blow !@$)
Staplin one his gonads to his sock
Doin jumping jacks
Once we put you down (*##$ their aint no comin back
Remember that

Its the big guy, quick to get on you
Battle? I'll be glad to %#@! on you
Come against my crew and see who gets destroyed
$#&@ I'll let you bring bats and brawl some of my boyz
Shady $$# ^!$$%s wether drunk or sober
Bizarre that was demo tape you just recorded over
I dont give a dam (*##$ Im just to ill
Gimme ten pills y'all run across the Lambo Field
Like (*##$es _ , _ _, think of the illest line know
And I bet you i already said it
Just forget it, cuz you ^!$$%s pathetic
Pop %#@!, yall ^!$$%s go and get it
Beat your $$# hang ya with this $#&@in mic cord
$#&@ the sword, I quote my raps in billboard
Suck my dick while I laugh like its funny
And drive off while she yell
"Where's my money"

$#&@ any body who beef with d-12
$#&@ all yall momma their #~!!@'s smell
$#&@ anybody that wanna bring tha beef
$#&@ all yall hoes that say my feet stick
$#&@ them ^!$$%s that dont give us radio play
$#&@ takin a bath i dont wash anyways
$#&@ anybody tryin to be on our team
$#&@ all yall ^!$$%s with them weak $$# dream
$#&@ all them ^!$$%s watchin videos to be rappers that their not cuz they cant
rock the $#&@en spot
$#&@ all yall ^!$$%s with them dirty $$# shoes come in the club like your dope
and your singing the blues
$#&@ anybody tryin to kiss our $$#
$#&@ all yall ^!$$%s who wont cut my grass
$#&@ all them ^!$$%s who aint getitn no money
$#&@ all yo' hoes who wont let me stick their honey
$#&@ all the girls who aint givin up the sex
$#&@ all you ^!$$%s and im askin whos next
$#&@ anybody wanna battle my crew
$#&@, $#&@ you, $#&@, $#&@, $#&@ you
$#&@ anybody wanna get down with _
$#&@ all yall ^!$$%s sayin you cant feel my mommy
$#&@ you mommy
$#&@ your daddy
$#&@ your gramma
$#&@ his caddy
$#&@ your people
$#&@ everybody
$#&@ his girlfriend
$#&@ John Gotti
$#&@ the Mafia
$#&@ _
$#&@ New York
$#&@ Detriot
$#&@ New Jersy
$#&@ California

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