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CROSSFADE : Prove You Wrong lyrics

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CROSSFADE lyrics : "Prove You Wrong"

Somedays are worst than others
Somedays I Can not feel a thing
Someday I might just prove you wrong

Something just might go my way

Today I've got something to prove to you

All these things I never do for you
Is making you angrier everyday
Pushing me farther away

You make me a mess, I can't keep it together

Somehow, someway, I am gonna prove you wrong
I am gonna prove you wrong

Someday I might stay sober
Figure out where I am wrong
Making sense of what left of me

Make a go of this alone

I've got nothing left for you

So sick of all the things you do
Turn your back on me everyday
You pushing me farther away


Hey yea

You make me a mess
I can't keep it together
I fall away, and now I prove you wrong

Prove you wrong
Prove you wrong

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