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CRIME MOB lyrics : "We Some Playaz"

We Some Playaz,We Some Playaz, We Some Playaz,We Some Playaz,We Some Playaz, We Some Playaz, We Some Playaz(*##$
We Some Playaz Hoe, We Some Playaz ^!$$% We Some Playaz Get It Right Cause We Some Playaz (*##$ We Some Playaz Hoe We Some Playaz Niiga
We Some Playaz Get It Right Cause We Some Playaz

[Verse 1:Lil Jay]
Lil ^!$$% I Got Them Hands And Got Damnit I Fear No Man

And You Can Tell By The Way I Walk And The Way I Talk Ill Beat Yo $$#(Yo $$#)
You Can Check The Set I Calim East Side ^!$$% Wgere I Hang
Them ^!$$%s There Think We Lame (Yup) Shawty Aroung Here We Dont Play No Games.

Cause ^!$$% We Be Some Playaz Representing Ellenwood Dictator
Fresh With Them Gators Ya (*##$ Choose Me And Im Gone Take Her
Soon As I Walk Throught The Door You Already Know A ^!$$% Like Me Fresh Head To Toe

Buddy You Aint Never Seen These Before A Bunch Of Playa Type Nigas Stackin G's And More

[Verse 2:Princess]

Im A Pimp By Blood Hated By Nature Keep Yo Man Close Or I Might Take Him
What'll You Say I Bet I Make Him And Have Him Spendin Money On Me Till I Break Him
You Cant Say No To This Chick ^!$$% Please Look Into My Eyes Baby Tell Me What Ya See

No Love For Them Hating $$# ^!$$%s Im A G
Tell Them What Wanna Hear To Get What I Need
I Give It To The World Jump Fresh When I Give It To Them Princess Yes And Im All About The Bengemans

I Can State That Thighs Super Thick I Got The Body Of A Goddess Bow Down To Me Quick
Come Here Big Daddy Let Me Tell You What It Is,Kiss My Impigerent Ill Have You Doing Dun=Mb %#@!
Get Pimp Slapped Quick If You Try To Cross A Line

Go Out And Get My Money ^!$$% Dont Waste Time


[Verse 3:Cyco Blac]
I Be C-Y-C-O B-L-A-C- And A #[email protected] Im Not Shawty Im A G

Never Gave A $#[email protected] About Another Mutha $#[email protected] Cause I Be That Mutha $#[email protected] Screaming M.O.B.
Every Day Thdats All I Please Get Money ^!$$% Thats All I Know
Ride In That Drop If You Didnt Know That %#@! Then My ^!$$% You Already Short

And Its Fo Show I Get That Paper,Straight From The Gater That Is My City
Showin And Beating These Like A Killa And Im On Top Of These Hoes Like Killa
I Am A Bad $$# Gorilla I Am Bout Real As The ^!$$%s That Came

I Get In Many Ways All About That Bread ^!$$% $#[email protected] Being Lame

[Verse 4: Diamond]

Oh %#@! Gadamnit Mutha $#[email protected] When I Step Through The Door
You Mutha $#[email protected] Dont Wanna Get No More
Im A Mutha $#[email protected] Pimp Im A Mutha $#[email protected] Mak

Im The Mutha $#[email protected] %#@! So You Already Know
That Im Stackin My Doe And That Paper Man My Every Day Hustle Is My Master Plan
And Yo Man I Will Take Him And Date And Break Him And Make Him Buy Wets And Vans

Get A Couple Hundred Grand In My Pocket Set Poppin Show Stopping Cause I Am That (*##$
Always Wishin These ^!$$%s Can $#[email protected] With Me
Get Rich Pimp %#@! Boss (*##$ Thats Me

Gettin Filthy Rich $#[email protected] Living With Fees Now I Got A Crime Crib It Aint Hard To See
Got Plenty Different Sick Seas And Aint Feeling Guilty A Mother $#[email protected] Player Thats Who I Be Bithc

[Chorus: Repeats Until End]

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