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CRIME MOB lyrics : "Shine Cause I Grind"

[Chorus: x2]
Hoes on my nob,and I ain't got a job,I shine cause I grind, I ain't gotta steal and rob
I shine-I shine cause I grind,I shine cause I grind,I shine cause I grind,I ain't gotta steal and rob

[Verse 1:]
Okay,I shine cause I grind,and all I $#[email protected] is dimes

I broke the whole pound down and re'd up 4 times,
a street hustler,I gotta get it up any way I can
and keep my eyes on dem boys jumpin' out dem black vans,

I'm a man,get it right,cause I ain't playn'
six shots out the roof it'll make you feel what I'm sayn',
and these hoes be on my nob, like a mother$#[email protected]' hand,

every fight,the Mariot, she let me beat it like a band.

[Verse 2:]

I never had to rob,I never had a job
they wouldn't hire me cause I was lookn' like a slob,
at school I was a fool,my grades was off the wall

was failin' every class so they wouldn't let me play no ball,
I started makin' beats,then hooked up wit these thugs
been grindn' everyday while steamn' away from sellin' drugs,

didn't have to steal no dubs or leave um' wit no pocket lint,
^!$$% I'm shinen' cause I'm grindin',I been shinen' ever since hoe.

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