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CRIME MOB lyrics : "Ellenwood Area"

[Hook (10x)]
Ellenwood area $#[email protected] wit us we bury ya
Ellenwood area $#[email protected] wit us we bury ya

[Lil Jay]
Neva run up with the shump through ya area

We come to get cha then hit cha then bury Ya
We be tha trillest so ^!$$% you scared of Us
Creepin like redas and shootin our Predata's

Always be ready for when I attack
Strapped wit these weapons that's facin our Backs
Creepin like redas and movin outsidaz

We'll soon be ruff ryders and tote all them gats
Neva come up or run up in our face
You betta just stop our glocks will spray

Betta be hidin when the tank ridin
Up on yo street, on yo scene, on yo way
^!$$% we gone have you hopin and wishin

That you would neva just smoke and you Listen
^!$$% we serious no superstition
Ellenwood ^!$$%z gone leave yo $$# missin

[Killa C]
I got a g-l-o-c-k and I ain't even fillin Yo dome

Me and lil mark we puttin buckshots through Yo home
You run up quick you stupid (*##$ you made Me grab my chrome
I'm fillin yo body wit hollow tips you lose Yo tone

I'll rip yo blood and tissue leavin nothin But yo bones
I grab my marchetti hoe I'm ready so bring It on
We got them hollow tips, them hollow tips

You run up quick you stupid (*##$ I bust yo $#[email protected] lip

[Hook 10x]

Aah Ellenwood area don't give a $#[email protected]

Walk and fight and leavin you stuck
All of my ^!$$%z we pullin them triggas so How do you figure you $#[email protected] wit us
C to da R to da I-M-E m to da O to da Mutha$#[email protected] B

If you hoes up in da streets bolts'll hit You rapidly
Ellenwood that's where I be told you hoes Back off of me
I don't bite my tongue so you dumb if you $#[email protected] wit me

If you wanna step to me this is gone be Ugly
AK 47's mack 11's gonna hit cha G
B-I-G in back of me Lil Jay on da side of Me

Look at Expeditions hittin (*##$es like the Falcuty
Always tryin to hassle me none of ya'll can Tackle me
Told ya it was stated but this time it's Brutality

Now I'm baddest chick who rep dat wood come

Test me if you want some trouble
Princess be my name M-O-B is my you wanna Scuffle?
Come run up quick you 'll get done up trick

If you think you
My clique to thick and my tool gone spit so

Don't $#[email protected] start
I see you muggin you ain't nothin or a Threat to me
I knock down haters if they wanna come and Test a G

I'm never slackin and what I'm packin is Too Damn crucial
Why you yappin I'll bruise ya Ellenwood Gone come and do ya

[Psycho Blak]
It's almost time to go I thought I'll let You hatas know
Psycho Blac be that ^!$$% that's gone lay You on da floe

Hit you wit them mega blows you fake it Once you ain't no mo
But I'm gone send some gats and trap and Make some bread and catch some hoes
You got some ana river road is where I stay

Ellenwood is where I trap
You buck and knuckle up but you might get Yo $$# capped
Always on a paper chase

Chasin for them big faces
Get some money get that cheese don't sit and waste yo time hatin


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