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CRAIG MORGAN lyrics : "Where Has My Hometown Gone"

Barely 18 thought I knew it all
My little hometown was way too small
For the big dreams I'd been dreaming

I thought the fast lane and bright lights was what I was needin'
A few long years have come and gone
I finally saved enough to get back home

To the hills, the creeks, and timbers
Where's that slow paced laid back place I remember?

Tell me where has my hometown gone?
Lord this looks nothing like the place that I come from

What happened to the down home road that I was raised up on
Tell me where has my hometown gone?

There's a mini mall where I used to hunt squirrels
Time's made momma's out of the girls
I used to chase when I was younger

They say old Mayor Baker is six feet under
Riverview Drive is up to four lanes
No whistle blows from that midnight train that used to haul out of Southfield

Yeah that quiet little place is just a memory of mine


I miss my fishin' hole, barber pole, front porch swing, drive in, skating rink,

Dairy Queen


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