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CRAIG MORGAN lyrics : "Bonfire"

verse 1
you can see it from the river
to the top of white pine ridge

burning like a summer sun
a bunch of rednecks getting half lit
there's mud-covered trucks and suvs

cranking up hank and ac/dc


at the bonfire, out in the sticks
country backwoods, homegrown hicks
bonfire, dance a little jig,

hold up your cup and take another swig
won't sleep til dawn, party right down to the wire
at the bonfire

verse 2
everybody sees the headlights

when old Sheriff John pulled up
we all got a little nervous
it's too late to hide our cups

he popped a top and holled real loud
dont worry ya'll I came to hang out

(repeat chorus)

you dont have to be from around here

to know right where to go
all you gotta do is load up
and head towards glow

(repeat chorus)

at the bonfire
were all hanging at the bonfire

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa