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CRAIG DAVID : Smoothed Out lyrics

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CRAIG DAVID lyrics : "Smoothed Out"

[Verse 1:]
Now that the weekend's here,
And you know there's a party going on.

Soakin' up the atmosphere
While the DJ plays my favorite songs.
Watching the kinda moves some guys they seem to play.

But I'd rather chill a while I guess that's just my way.
That's why I'm sitting here just...

Smoothed out, checkin' all of the ladies at this party,
School's out, don't really wanna be anywhere but this flyest party.

I'm wildin' out, all of my crew laced up beside me.
Don't you know I'm ready
To step onto the dance floor

Caught the eye of a girl by the back door,
All I know for sure,
Time is right for me to look around here no more

Moving closer, take the time to make sure I'm comin' for ya
Girl you know I'm on ya,
It's just how I do.

[Verse 2:]
Well how you doin' there girlfriend?

Well I guess I gotta talk about it.
Would you mind girl, would you care,
If I asked you for your name?

Ooh you look so good (Would you take a chance on her?)
Yes, I would.
So let me take you by the hand, girl

While I'm chillin' here just...

[Chorus 2:]

Close up, sippin' a little Bailey's with this shorty
Girl what's up, tryna resist the urge, girl, to touch ya body.
Now hold up, not the kind, makes moves on anybody,

Don't you know I'm ready,
To show you that I'm flyin' down,
Take some time, read your mind, get to know ya,

At times I'll look a little bit further only if you want to,
Let's hold out, feelin' something special going on about you,
Think I'm fallin' for you,

What am I gonna do?


Well, I've seen some pretty girls but I've just passed them by, yeah
I don't impress that easily, no no
But girl you stand out in the crowd, I don't know why,

I can't miss you, no, girl
Baby, cuz you're so fly...

[Chorus 3:]
Cold out, all up in my Mercedes with this shorty,
Cold out, least I can do is make sure you get home safely,

All alone tonight, didn't you think you might, ask me how much you felt lonely,
Cuz your feelin' something for me,
And even if I hold out,

From taking you in my arms, girl, and tryna kiss ya,
There's no doubt that if I wasn't here tonight that I'd really miss ya.
Let's go out, tomorrow night, and do it again if you want to.

Girl I've fallen for you,
Now it's up to you. Now it's up to you.

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