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Craig Cardiff : FEBRUARY lyrics

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Craig Cardiff lyrics : "FEBRUARY"

they made you wait so long that you felt that the waiting
Wore you out
And in wearing down

You were worried that you wouldn't make it

They made arrangements for flowers and candles

Told you about how you should stop asking
Why can't you stop asking about it?

I am standing on top of you
Wondering about which way it goes
Wondering how

This is you and me
Establishing gravity
Pushing through

February again.

The car was left

Halfway between the accident and out of town
It wasn't mentioned as you walked through the door
Why all the anger?

Why all the telling?
This won't happen, you can't promise
But want to promise that

This won't happen anymore

I am standing on top of us

Wondering how to make the break less
Apparent and noisy
Its hospitals and sad

You make it up as you go
No wondering about it anymore
Cause it always turns out the same

You and me
Establishing gravity

Pushing through a different sort of February

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