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Cradle Of Filth : Under Huntress Moon lyrics

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Cradle Of Filth lyrics : "Under Huntress Moon"

With the snow fallen thick
And bonfires alit
And shooting stars portents of rips

I ascended to spur
A mere glimpse of murmur
From her precious celestial lips

Be it sun to your moon
“Be it moon to your sun”

Together we promised to come
With a turn of the screw
And a slip of the tongue

We eclipsed one another undone

Through the mist, through the woods

With the night-wraiths I’ve stood
Atop murderous peaks calling you
On storm-lashed beachheads

Where the fisherman dread
The things your bewitchments accrue

Those deep creatures bring
Her cut diamond rings
A girl with a pearl necklace her

Advancing in fevers
Tsunamis and myrrh
Will she wreak bloody vengeance or purr?

She lights the skies
Dressed in silver scales plucked from the ocean

To spite her thighs
That Lucifer snuck inside
And with his pride

Enclaves were upgraded to Goshen
So paradise
Could shine from out her skirts

“I adorn myself at dusk
With ornaments to close the noose

A kiss as red as blood and cold as hell

My body glows with lust

Anaemic as the flag of truce
I raised at dawn to catch you in my spell”

With every twist I cannot resist her
Fertile female mind control
This wanton witch, white rapids sister

To whom I pour my wine and soul

From a copse of black yews

Where the moon was drawn through
Like a sword through a Gordian knot
She descended to me

Claiming swift victory
Over the heart I had near soon forgot

With every kiss this huntress whispered;
“Yield to my sweet embrace
One night of bliss”. I could not dismiss her

Once her beauty shot me a darker face

You mesmerise my soul Diana

You mesmerise my soul

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