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Consumed lyrics : "Heavy Metal Winner"

you could be evicted.
live you life restricted, sooner or later.
So pay them what you owe, maybe then they'll let you go.

Sometime never


you could make a difference, deal with what's in front of you.
You say it's gonna happen, you know it's gonna happen.
You could make a difference, get up and make a stand.

Its the way it makes me feel

chorus 2:

the way I feel, there's nothing I can't do and the way I feel.
I'll follow you and see it through.
doodo doo

you're acting like a prick.
I think you're head is made of brick, is there anyone in there?

You could make it happen if you had the balls, but I think you're a coward.


chorus 2

here today but gone tomorrow (4x)

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