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COLLIE BUDDZ : Come Around (B-Real Remix) lyrics

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COLLIE BUDDZ lyrics : "Come Around (B-Real Remix)"

(feat. Aztec, B-Real, Paul Wall, Ray Cash, Shaggy)

[Intro: Collie Buddz]

A Buddz weh mi seh!!!
Yuh know this a di ganja remix!
From Bermuda, to Jamaica, to Cali, to Texas, back out to Cleveland

Yuh know, Paul Wall weh yuh seh!!!

[Verse 1: Paul Wall]

I'm leanin, I got my drink poured up extra thick
The mud is purple grab a couple of ice and take a sip
Po' a ounce po' a deuce baby po' a fo'

Have a taste drink it slow and you be on the flo'
The dro is twisted up but me I'm 'bout to mix it up
Drinkin that expensive taste with Skinhead Rob I'm leanin tough

I'm talkin 'bout the ocean potion call it Texas tea
Leanin like a kick stand pass it right here straight to me
My partner Keke gave me tips and put me on game

He told me splash some grape soda call it purple rain
I need that potent dungeon punch po' me a cup
Everytime I come around I'm leanin up that purple stuff

[Bridge: Collie Buddz]
Finally di herbs come around, come around, come around, come around...

[Verse 2: B-Real]
We break it up, roll it up, light it up, smoke it up

And pass it to the left until you tell us that you had enough
Inhale, exhale, blow the smoke out your lungs
Once you hit the kush I think you know just where I'm comin from

They call me green thumb, if you need some
I excercise my freedom and bring you the best weed son
See son, in the kingdom we got it down

We smokin up the green %#@! money no Bobby Brown
It's funny how we blaze it in the club, in the spliff or in the blunt
You can put it in the pipe and smoke it up all night

What you hatin for I smoke with the spirit of Bob Marley
If you think you gonna stop I'm sorry not hardly
Feelin kind of oddly, defiant, and ready to party

And gettin [email protected]$!ed, once this mother$#&@in session started
We blown trees up sp freeze up ease up
The general population sayin please relief us

[Bridge: Collie Buddz]
Finally di herbs come around, come around, come around, come around...

[Verse 3: Shaggy]
Buss a shot fi di herbs man dem on yah

From then we root up di good [email protected][email protected]&&
Di farmer, smoke fill di air like a sauna
Weed smoke a roam a give yuh di good karma

Nah choke yah, fire fi di cigarette smoker
It a joke cau di sensi a burn we float yah
Higher than di clouds we deh bout yah

Babylon waan fi straight flush it but this yah a nuh poker
Sekkle now, blast pick up di ting don't mek dem tek oonu
Cau from dem see yuh wid a spliff dem suspect oonu

Stress oonu, right haffi read before dem tek oonu
Cau yuh know di law nuh protect oonu
Food haffi mek yuh know, caan mek di %#@! still affect oonu

See unda di rdar nuh mek dem detect oonu
Inspect oonu, seems like babylon dem nuh respect oonu
Tek heed di warnin Selassie I bless oonu

[Bridge: Collie Buddz]
Finally di herbs come around, come around, come around, come around...

[Verse 4: Aztec]
Yeah! One shot for the gangstas one shot for the hustlers

Three now for La Raza gettin high like a rasta
A.K.'s with the fifty round drum
The Ch-ch-ch-ch-chopper goes ra pom pom pmo boy!

So who waan romp with me?
The wolfpack run these $#&@in streets ok!
So, what you 'gon say? Who waan play?

I hit hard papi Aztec bumbaye
Jey! Now do as I do, do as I say
And we don't have problems if you do it my way
Uh! Pistol torn heaven right after the blunts light up
Let me get one more puff lord I be right up

[Bridge: Collie Buddz]
Finally di herbs come around, come around, come around, come around...

[Verse 5: Ray Cash]

Nothin less than a hundred pounds
I'm known to smoke heavy but yet and still it goes down
Connected with the pounds of the good kush and good haze
Good weed keeps me high sometime keeps me paid
Sweet sweet sensi mixed with blueberries and grapefruits

Goibble up that fruit salad, was hit at with Grey Goose
Cheapest price in the city if you need that direction
Them dope boys love me (Love me) They smoke that steady fetti
My eyes are, heavy, shoulders, lean
On that, Dro like, boing-oing-oing-oing

Talkin, slow like, nah, mean
Resources is that purple, I blow it by the circle
Look, I know the tin man, the real tin man
(^!$$% you Cash?!) Now really we close friends man
And my homey Gill got his $$# across the border
I've been waitin five days and today I got my order

Like finally...

[Chorus: Collie Buddz]
Finally di herbs come around
Di hygrade weh mi look fah mi get it by di pound yeah
When Collie Buddz come around
A pure ganja man tune just a lick dem from di sound yeah

Finally di herbs come around
Di hygrade weh man a look fah mi stock it by di pound yeah
When babylon a come around
Ask dem weh dem a go search fah?

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