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CODY SIMPSON : So Listen lyrics

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CODY SIMPSON lyrics : "So Listen"

I've been trying to find the right words
But they always seem to hit the page wrong
You see I tend to fight words

I breathe 'em into life, and they're gone
I need some louder speaking actions
They do what letters could never do

You see, you are my addiction
I need more than words to show you.

So listen to me, girl, listen
Listen to my heartbeat.

I'd like to think you understand me
But I never really like to $$#ume
So you never have to ask me

I'm let my actions tell you the tru-hu-huth.

For you-hu-hu-hu

There is nothing I wouldn't go through-hu-hu-hu.
And if you need some proo-hu-hu-oof.
You can find it in what I do-hu-hu-hu.

And I could tell you everyday
Just how much I want you

I've never been good with words
But I went and wrote this song for you.

So listen to me, listen
Listen to my heartbeat
So listen to me, girl listen

Listen to my heartbeat
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