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Clutch lyrics : "Passive Restraints"

My father was Black, my mother was Decker
Believe me my friend, it doesn't get any better
Than rack and pinion reasoning, add a little seasoning

Cook at ninety eight point six degrees

Let me be the bull, and you be the pen

Such an easy way to glorify sin
If I am a horse, you're a Venus in spurs
Everything I have is yours, so take it

I come fully loaded with an option to buy
I've got a stick shift disposition and a four wheel mind

I'll give you endless mileage and unlimited speed
Total satisfaction absolutely guaranteed

Turbo boost libido and passive restraints
And as of yet I haven't heard even a single complaint
I've got the tools of the trade and a fuel injected heart

Efficiency is beautiful, efficiency is art

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa