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CLOSE YOUR EYES : Paper Thin lyrics

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CLOSE YOUR EYES lyrics : "Paper Thin"

Take these words and sing them for me
They fill up all these pages I have been writing in
But lately they are becoming

So paper thin So paper thin

These pages turn; They're full of empty words

I tear them out just to start it again
and still I lie awake at night
Unsure of what is to come

I am coming undone

give me the melody that my heart longs to sing

Now I am starting to see
That this fire you stir inside
Is greater than I know

All this time
I tried to sing a song

that my ears had never heard
with words I could not speak.

You are the one
That gives me words
That shine a light into darkness

and gives strength to the hopeless
My words mean nothing
unless they come from You

Who sang the stars into place
and whispered life into my soul.

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