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CLOSE YOUR EYES : Injustice lyrics

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CLOSE YOUR EYES lyrics : "Injustice"

I can't understand how something
That is built the bond of unity
How could you be so quickly swayed

And show the world so much hate.
how can you show the world so much hate?

Even if there's nothing left to take.
I will be here standing
I won't go away

I will be the difference and I will make a change
My heart will not be broken and in the end you will see
That this means so much more. It is everything to me.

Where is the heart that you spoke about so long ago?
With all this talk of passion where did it go?

I will be the one to finally stand and say enough is enough.
and if no one else can stand with me I will swear that won't give up

I step back and what I see
are countless lives that are empty
and with every step they take

their strength slowly breaks.
They are told that they're alone
And that there is no hope

Where are their brothers
to catch them when they fall?

This hate is not my home
never again, not anymore
This hate is not my home

I will speak out against your injustice

I will be the change.

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