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Clique Girlz : What It's Like To Be Me lyrics

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Clique Girlz lyrics : "What It's Like To Be Me"

How do I even begin
You're all up under my skin
Before I speak, I hear you instead

Do u think u could leave
A little air I could breathe
Can't your voice of my head

Is there nothing that you don't know everything about
All this I told you so is something I could live without

You tell me how to think and you tell me how to live
You tell me how to take, and tell me how to give

I guess you wrote that book on what a girl's supposed to be
But you don't know what it like to be me
To be me, to be me

What it's like to be me

So have you ever been wrong

Can you remember that long
Or should I rephrase that question
Can you look at yourself

Like you do with everyone else
Can I make one suggestion?
Just for once in your life could you listen to someone else

I know you might get confused hearing someone beside your self


I think it's time to the position
Do I have to scream out or sign a petition

To get you to listen


You don't know what it's like to be me



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