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Clique Girlz : Angels lyrics

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Clique Girlz lyrics : "Angels"

Where have all he angels gone?
I've been listenin' for them, when
will they come around?

I see darkness everyday
But with some help from above
Things are gonna change

They neverstay the same


Angles, can you hear me callin'?
Angels, can you stop the rain from fallin'?
I know that you're watching,

Watching over me
In Angels I, I believe

There've been things I can't explain
Like how my prayers get answered almost instantly

What about all of those signs,
I've been followin' them
They lead me through me life,

They guide me towards the light


Maybe the people that we know
Maybe their still with us, even when their gone

Oh I like to think that Heaven is a place on earth
Oh I like to think that everyone of us is taking turns watching me


I believe, I believe
I can feel you watching over me
I can feel you watching over me

I can feel you watching over me
Over me, angels x3

In angels I, I believe

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