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CLASSIFIED : See The Truth lyrics

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CLASSIFIED lyrics : "See The Truth"

[Intro - Classified - talking]
Let me talk to the women for a second

You see, I know what I got and I know it don't get much better than that
But the same time, sometimes I see these girls and I'm like "damn!"
You know?

And back in the day, they never really paid me much attention
But I guess what they say is true
You're taken, you're a lot more tempting

Ha, listen, yeah

[Verse 1 - Classified]

A love a girl when she smilin but somehow it make me frown
Mentally it kind of break me down
See I always keep it real, that's how I shape my sound

So when the wife hear the track she might hate me now
This ain't what you're used to, it's a sure rebuttal
It's a score to settle, maybe more than trouble

As a kid girls told me I was border level
Now they feelin me and tell me I'm a gorgeous fellow?
Wow, I appreciate that, thank you very much

You look really good too but I ain't supposed to touch
I told you before Class ain't the sappy type
But it's a fact of life, got to keep a happy wife

And I ain't perfect (nope), there ain't a man who is
It's just sometimes I think I need a chance to live
And my girl isn't stupid, she knows what's up

With these hoes and [email protected]#%s at all my shows and stuff
Dancin on the dance floor, tryin to show their stuff
Another girl, front row tryin to hold my nuts

But I'm a man, so I glance and I soak it up
But if I take it any further though, I know I'm $#&@ed
It's like "damn!"

[Chorus - Classified]
You know what I mean?

I see these girls on the street like "damn!"
We're goin to the mall, right?
I saw a girl on the bus like "damn!"

Ha and on tour, I see these girls on the road like "damn!"
I can't do a damn thing
I got to look past 'cause I'm starin at my ring

[Classified talking behind Chorus]
Yo, look at her

Yo, check her out
Yo, you see that girl? You see that? Oh man
Damn! Yo man, look at the $$# on that girl, oh

[Break - Classified - talking over sample]
Yeah, ha, feels good

Most of the time, things that feel good, you ain't supposed to do
Ha, like I said I ain't perfect
But I'm tryin to be, ha


[Verse 2 - Classified]

Yeah, now I don't usually write tracks about dealin with chicks
Except for +What's Real+ and that's as real as it gets
I just write about life and how I'm dealin with it

I don't decide what to spit on how appealin it is (nope)
I ain't the guy with the girl half naked in his video
Tryin to give a half $$# titty show

Don't need a dick tease clothed on my TV
I watch 'em $$# naked on the internet to relieve me
A love a girl with some curve and shape

Lookin innocent but freaky and would burn a J
I see girls on the streets and I wonder "what if?"
Then I lose all control and think with my dick

Think about sexin, sweatin, switch positions
Then I think about my girl and if we switched positions
And she was wearin my shoes and had the same chance

I know I couldn't take it, see her touch another man
I got to keep it true, in between me and you
Made a promise to each other and I'm tryin to see it through, girl

It's hard though, %#@! I can't lie
'Cause a lot of beautiful women are catchin my eye
It's like "damn!"

[Chorus - Classified]

Ha, yeah, I seen this girl at the beach like "damn!"
When we go to the club, right?
I seen these girls there, I was like "damn!"
Yeah, I see these girls all the time like "damn!"
I can't do a damn thing

I got to look past 'cause I'm starin at my ring

[Classified talking behind Chorus]
Yo, who is that girl right there man, who is that?
Oh my God!

Who's that chick dancin?
Yeah, the one up front

[Outro - Classified - talking over sample]
Yeah, ha, there's a lot of beautiful women around

I can look, right?
You know, I'm tryin to keep it as real as possible with my girl
As much as that means these days
You know? Huh
I just hope she understands me
Then again, she is the only one who understands me

Yeah, ha, ha

"Hmmmmm, makes me frown" - repeated until fade

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