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CLASSIFIED : Politics lyrics

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CLASSIFIED lyrics : "Politics"

It's all about politics
Yo hmmm Yo

Check, check
Steady, steady
Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop

It's all about politics in this game
Who ya know, How to make ya doe maintain

Gotta make them know the last name
Or gotta have a steady back frame
Just to keep yourself up

In my position no one else will help me up
And maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not
Maybe I had it up to hear with that

I could get what you got, from your father
Cousin whatever relative, their the ones that got you

And you still ain't sellin' kid
Hmm, kinda makes me wonder and frown
Got all these muther$#&@ers trying to make moves in the

Trying to make moves, y'all about to lift off
Pretty much the reason why this wackness is hip hop

Y'all need to make this %#@! stop
Put away your gimmickry to act for Chris Rock
I'm sick of hearing rappers trying to spit with no

Y'all leave me disappointed like the 44 on the corner

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Now for my people on the side lines trying to make it

Ya need to recognize it's steady politicking
It's doesn't matter 'bout your skill, ain't nobody

Gonna listen
Unless you know someone, cause it's steady politicking

[Verse Two]
Ever since day one I never rhymed for green
Never had nobody pullin' strings behind the scenes

And never had nobody with their hand around my shoulder
Teaching me the industry, I learned as I got older
Did it on my own, made a name, kept it true

Never asked your opinion, keep it quiet less your crew
And $#&@ press reviews, when they talk like they got

Always trying to front, you write articles not rhymes
Don't let it get confusin', but if it comes to me and
We going toe to toe y'all losin'

Lyricly exclusive, verbally abusive, on a class track
Makin critics look stupid
This ain't a optic allusion stop the confusion

I'm white and I drop tight music
Over looked, under used stop the presses
Y'all in class now and ya failed the $#&@in' test kid

Steady, politicking

And either way when I started I lacked vision
You never found class on the mic $$# kissin'
I tracks hit 'em with velocity, authority

Doing what I gotta, make it hard for you ignore me
Try to block this out your mind
See what happens when I'm bold to knock you out your

I ain't trying to tell nobody you ignore the rhyme
But if I do, I'll leave your $$# broken without a dime

So keep that on your mind


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