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CLASSIFIED : Inspiration lyrics

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CLASSIFIED lyrics : "Inspiration"

I made this beat, 2003ish
wrote to it but never got it completed
I love the fell love the vibe that I acquired

spit a couple lines but wasn't really inspired
see inspiration is the thing that keep my brain ticking
if you don't feel inspired, someting in my veins missing

I wasn't too strong
quit that and moved on, never looked back
and started working on a new song

but as a beatmaker, you never know
a track that I ain't feeling might inspire someone else's flow
I sell beats, internet and in the streets

helping poets paint pictures, I'm the canvas so to speak
I sold this beat to a guy named Phil
he reached out as a fan, hit me on my email

told me I inspired him, he loved what I was doing
he said I motivated him to start pursuing music
gave him the intrumental, call me when you done writing

but I never heard back and really never thought twice
it happens often, rappers don't finish nothing
so it didn't seem strange he didn't hit me back with something

a couple months passed, that was fine
then I got another message with Phil's name in the subject line
"Class, I'm a friend of Phil's from back in the day

and the music you made, inspired him in many ways
he changed his life around, got it on track
I want you to know, cause last week Phil died in a car crash"

what??? you serious?
I barely knew the guy but %#@! it hit me fairly quick
we all forget how much life should be admired

sometimes we all forget how our music does inspire
I inspired Phil? nah, Phil inspired me
to finish up my song over top of Phillip's beat

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