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CHRISTINA AGUILERA : Dreamy Eyes lyrics

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CHRISTINA AGUILERA lyrics : "Dreamy Eyes"

I'm reaching out to touch you
In the middle of the night
And I don't know if I've been sleeping

But I hold my pillow tight
Are you real or are you my imagination playin games?
I can set you free

You'll always be my eternal flame

Your dreamy eyes

They just wont say good-bye
Well it must be my fate cause I just cant escape
And the passion never dies

Oh, dreamy eyes
No matter how I cry
I just can't reach you dreamy eyes

You're a vision of tomorrow
And a ghost from yesterday

And I'll be trying not to let you
Take my breath away
You're a summer breeze

That comes and goes
But somehow lingers on
Tell me how can I forget you

If you're never really gone

What do I have to do

To get that close to you
And your your dreamy eyes
Oh, I try so hard to release you

I just keep seeing through dreamy eyes

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