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CHRISHAN : Work it Out lyrics

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CHRISHAN lyrics : "Work it Out"

[Verse 1]
2 am and im here calling you on your cell
You never pick up and im like ay what the he**

Im texting like- are you mad at me
She text me back- you should know
I should know what

She wont tell me
Somebody help me

5am and she come in the house i straight trippin
Here you go yo sidekick
Whos this girl named Brenda

I dont know how her number got in my phone
But imma make sure that you know that your my number

-my number
my number 1 girl- x2
(Shawty how you think id fake it)

(Sorry gotta fake it, but girl heres the thing is)


Your Hips
Your thighs
Your lips

Your eyes x2
Girl i cant even get enough of your love why would you do this to me

Tell me what to do without you here
My life is incomplete.

And i know they say that life aint fair
I just need you with me
And i dont wanna fuss

Don't wanna fight,
Girl I just want for us to make it right.
Baby why, don't we just work it out tonight

Work it out tonight

[Verse 2]

7am she's still tripping
Im trying to keep it cool
Keep myself from dippin'

Cuz on the real,
I'm tryna dash out,
Get it to 100 like,

Pedal to the floor like,
But i cant do that to her

So I try stay and work it out
But i dont know what she talking bout
Girl i told ya

I dont know how she got in my phone
Baby dont leave me alone tonite

-my number
my number 1 girl- x2

(Shawty how you think id fake it)
(Sorry gotta break it, but girl heres the thing is)



I dont wanna leave and face the world without you as my girl

I dont wanna fake it
I just couldnt' take it
Girl im telling you the truth...

That baby all i need is you,
So don't go,
And I say it cuz I love ya,

Say It cuz I love ya girl,


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