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CHRIS FILER lyrics : "When It Don't Come Easy"

A candy apple mustang at Hot Rod Charlie's used car lot
I knew I had to have her, 'cause she already had my heart
So all summer long by the sweat of my brow

I bucked hay 'til the sun went down
When I got the keys ? it was time well spent -
'Cause I finally knew what my daddy meant


I've heard it said a hundred times before
While others only dream, the winners work for their reward
So you just give it all you've got, 'cause it means so much more

When it don't come easy

I fell for Jenny Thompson, the brand new girl in town,

Everybody said her mama and dad don't want no boys around
So I sent her mama some flowers and a card
Surprised her daddy when I mowed the yard

Jenny said, please, they said 'yes'
Her daddy even gave us money for gas

The two of us went riding on the Fourth of July
We stood down by the river & watched the
Fireworks paint the sky

A man stood talkin' 'bout his purple heart
And how a million others did their part
In the name of freedom they took their stand

From the revolution to the desert sand

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