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CHRIS FILER lyrics : "So Much Love / So Little Time"

He kissed his wife and baby boy
And headed off to work
While they were waving at the door

Made a left on Route 19
Reached down for his coffee cup
And dropped his cell phone on the floor

He tried his best to make it back across the line oh,
But the first thing that went racing through his mind ?


Blink your eyes, time will fly

And suddenly it's gone
Everything turns on a dime
When your blessings fall, count them all and when you do you'll find

There's so much love so little time so little time

She took her daddy by the arm

To walk her down the aisle
And to give her hand away

And all the memories rushing in
Skinned knees and soccer games
Broken hearts and high school plays

He said ?I love you baby? fighting back the tears
He just kept thinking as his mind raced through the years ?

Look at all the people that you love in your life
Hold them close, don't let go, take your time, love them right

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa