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CHRIS FILER lyrics : "Joy Ride"

Different day with the same old way of seeing things
We think too much about all this stuff, let's grab the keys
Turn off the phone put your Ray Ban's on

Grab on to the wheel
And see how the blacktop feels


Take a joy ride leave your cares behind

As we fly by let our hopes ride high
The scent of grace in the air
Mercy blowing through our hair

We'll take the freeway 'cause the toll's been paid
Chase each new day on the wheels of faith
Can't drive fast enough, hit the gas, rev it up

Take a joy ride

It's been a while since these miles have been a friend

Some days this road just goes around and back again
So can't we quit trying to make sense of this
Let our hearts just run

And drive off into the sun

Sun shinin', good times on a joy ride

Wind blowin', we're goin' on a joy ride
Grab onto the wheel, see how the blacktop feels on a joy ride

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa