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CHRIS FILER lyrics : "I Think You Know"

I've seen lots of hearts get hurt
Those three precious little words
Were much too dangerous

For me to ever use
So I wrapped chains around my heart
Built a wall, kept up my guard

The very next thing I knew
Baby, somehow you broke through


I think you know

The combination to my heart
That's how you opened up my arms
And one by one your kisses

Broke down my defenses
I think you know
A secret code, some magic touch

That sets my soul on fire because
I'm in love, gotta tell you so
Girl, even though

I think you know

Never knew quite who I was

'Til the moment that your love
Brought out the best of
The man inside of me

Baby, you unlocked my soul
Felt your passion take control
I still can't believe

The way you set me free

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa