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CHILDREN OF BODOM lyrics : "Wrath Within"

Once I desire, eternity has come.
Pull back, the tale is black, all we have to die.
You say so, I am invading vision - satisfy.

Once I look back, so miracle,
on a crib with the night.

Sensation, call me to die.

Look down, we have to sow and all waits to say go

Once I desire, be back to hear this cry: let me out.

(And I am the first one, any want to die!?)

With my salvation within your pain,
you gotta develop pain into your desires.

What it always about: you raise your pain.
Why you can't desire your cold regained?
Come on, get down.

I touch your legs, so cold, make me cold in the light,
and I burn now, no pain.

Your pain seems so far away,
so everything that's cold in light may die down.

You raise your pain and I kill your strain,
anyway, I get into your desires my way.
I crave your pain;

I can't swallow your pain: why you returned.

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