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CHILDREN OF BODOM lyrics : "The Days Are Numbered"

Gonna do it my way
Promise that one day

All of you are going down
Really just cant wait

To free this pure hate
And that sure as hell is gonna hurt

Do you remember
Thinking I'd surrender
As if I would bow to you

I'm always gonna scream n spit, have a $#[email protected] %#@!fit
Just wait and you will see

The shining blade of mine has spilled blood before
Dismal. dark feeling is knocking at my door
Your name on my blade I won't erase

Until I get to cut my name on your face

This violent rage I just can't control it anymore

You better pray to god
As I drink your blood
And spit it in your $#[email protected] ugly face

On the edge of madness
Riled up, obsessed to see you suffer as you die

Watch the sun going down like the [email protected]^% that you are
Wait for the moon rising up like my insanity, its on!

Content to set you free, you're shackled I hold the key
Your days are numbered at thirty three

Come here just follow me
It will be quick you will see

Cos your days are numbered at thirty $#[email protected] three

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