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CHILDREN OF BODOM lyrics : "Red Light In My Eyes - Pt II"

Pulling the last cry, I was alive (alive!)
While I'm down in my hatred, weird, right (right!)
Your god has set you on fire, in the day you're dark your way

When we reached this final dusk
then bring me fire and insanity

The jet-black eyes are showing butterflies,
they dance in the fire insane, so

Fire: dance with me
Fire: come with me

Fire: your fire

Of the everlasting flame, did burn me;

The one we are all off often struggling down, down, down,
And when you hear me forth to the everlast,

hear me used to bear dreams cast in a silent near

Fire: you're killing me

Fire: a thorn, sweet, so rare
We'll praise the Lord to begin it

Until the others will fall
But, victims are we all

We will at last destroy human gods
and within us the fire is burning
The dream lives forth and we're standing strong to fight

and the everlasting fire is burning


Fire: come with me
Fire: my god is with me
Fire: together (forever)

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