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CHILDREN OF BODOM lyrics : "Not My Funeral"

Let me get this one flat out straight
Illuminate please it's not too late
Since when did you become a god?

You might be right, I've been tattered
'n torn, self destructing since I was born
So what's that got to do with you?

Close yet far ? I've gone now

Safe and sound ? I don't know how
Knuckled under ? never giving up
And it all goes to show exactly what?

So much fun when you can tell me I'm dun

Such a sweet unchaining sound
Whisper me softly that I'm gonna die young
Before you do take a look into the ground

It's not my funeral

If you rip my life apart in no time

I'll put it back together in 2.5
How's that for punctuality?

Since you wanna $#[email protected] me over
And I know you do
Better be aware I'm gonna $#[email protected] you too

But you should by now be schooled in that very piece of my mind's obscurity



[Chorus x2]

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