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CHILDREN OF BODOM lyrics : "Hate Me!"

I was born in ashes of molten hatered,
Raised by demons in abodes of the end.
The Reaper's scythe I fall upon to light my path.

Wrecked by mangled wounds of life.
I have become become the resurrection of the Evil one.
'Y know that I don't $#[email protected] care if I live or die.

I need a bishop preaching fire to get away with my sins.
I despise everything I see so I don't give a $#[email protected] if ya hate


Ain't got respect for humanity,

Never lived or wanted immortality.
The Reaper's shadow I fall upon to obscure my path.
Every day I'm being battered up until I bleed.

You mother$#[email protected] just leave me be.
Ya could never give me cure for the pain I feel inside.

Led by the Reaper, I walk in the night.
Show me the way to your kingdom come.

I believe in Armageddon, I've been baptised in alcohol.
I'm enbodyment of Antichrist.
I'm living for my own demise.

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