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CHILDREN OF BODOM lyrics : "Bodom After Midnight"

(Hang on) Got to go.
Preview what they oughtta know,
Keep your head down and $#[email protected] die.

(Wake up) Rise and shine.
Gotta take another pint.
Dig heads and watch out for the night.

When the sun comes down and the moon comes up in the sky;
The battle of the day and the night.

(Kill, kill, kill) Go $#[email protected] another one.
Candlelight burns in a wood so high.
On a carpet (flying high) take it down to the other side,

The way beyond it may lie.
When the moon comes up and is rescuing under the night,
The reaper is on the other side, let's go!

Bodom after midnight.
Bodom after midnight, yeah.

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