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CHIDDY BANG : Run It Back lyrics

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CHIDDY BANG lyrics : "Run It Back"

First Verse only:
We the realest tell em' run it back
Problems money come with that

I just ease the pain by chopping trees like a lumberjack
Thundercat, You aint even ready for my summer raps
Coolin on a minute I'm in to take the world, Yeah I'm finna

It's young kidster, aint no body hotter than
Soon as I step in the building, %#@! she forgot her man

College ran to the point I had to leave whose not a fan
Maybe a little not my email get a lot of spam
Imma wild out, basically

That means I probably don't care about what you say to me
I got a couple bad (*##$es, lord pray for me
Look in the mirror we the %#@! that they pray to be

And they pay to me
Roll the blunts make a mixed drink
And don't you dare say that I ever care what a (*##$ think

She aint a single but for me she tryna lip sync
And once the lips link, now that's instinct

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