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Chelsea Grin : The Sonnet Of The Wretched lyrics

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Chelsea Grin lyrics : "The Sonnet Of The Wretched"

This is the sonnet of the wretched

Can you hear their screams

Your prayers won't be heard
They will rise

When daylight dies they come and bring an abrupt end to your sinful life
There's nothing you can do to stop them now it's too late

Just run and hide and hope they will never find you until they're gone

You think this is hell You don't know the half of it

And this is just the beginning of the end for you
There's nothing sacred here

Everything you once loved has been defiled
There's only pain, and sorrow

They bring the end
And there's nothing that can save you from this cruel fate
But it's your fault, it is you that brought them

They felt the presence of your blackened heart
And smelt the stench of your abject existence

They've come to cleanse your soul of it's affliction

You can't repent because it's far too late

Just wait until they have you in their grasp
Now you will feel what it's like to be in hell

And your only company will be the horde

This is now the end your soul is cleansed your mouth is stitched your eyes are blind
And your blackened heart ceases to beat anymore

Now they have gone
Disappeared without a trace

This is the sonnet of the wretched

Did you hear their screams

Your prayers were not heard
They have cleansed all sin and evil

Lay to rest

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