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Chelsea Grin : Cursed lyrics

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Chelsea Grin lyrics : "Cursed"

May the fallen rise!
Burn it down,
This is for the cursed ones!

Rise from ash,
We're the $#&@ing cursed ones,
This is fate

Welcome to the damned!
We are fear,
We're the $#&@ing cursed ones,

I'm the whisper inside your ear,
Apocalyptic nightmares are real
You're becoming one with the curse

I will make sure you hurt the worst.
Why can't you see?
My divine destiny

The Whole world will bow down at my feet,
May the fallen rise and take back what's mine
Why can't you see?

My divine destiny,
Everyone dies,
May the fallen rise

Burn it down.
We're the $#&@ing cursed ones
This is fate

Welcome to the damned
We are fear
We're the $#&@ing cursed ones!

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