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Chaska lyrics : "Tuta Ch'aska"

When the night burns
And it's heat embraces the Andes (Andes),
The real me awakes

And puts it's sight on that light.

Glow of an immortal fire.

Energy of another dimension.
My soul is under attraction.
A new trip begins.

Flying into infinity,
The cosmos lodges my existence (infinity).

The universe shows it's magnificence.
That mighty call rides so...

My journey turns eternal.
This stellar path never ends.

A strange force rules my movements.
That power is ethereal.

Why can't I reach it?
The same old scene, again and again (again and again).
Spell that captures my spirit.

Charm that exposes my weakness.

Seducing is that presence.

Everlasting is the nightmare.
When the night burns (burns...)
And it's heat embraces...

The Andes.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa